Tips from a Film Producer to Lead Teams

Being a film producer is synonymous with being a leader, what can managers learn from companies? Suzanne Buirgy, producer of Home, explains it to us. Far from the glamour and the reflectors... Read more »
Step to know how to Develop a Financial Plan

Step to know how to Develop a Financial Plan

You know you have to develop a financial plan, but you do not know at what time. The signs may be obvious, including their salary, their debts and even their willingness to... Read more »
Things to Consider Before Buying a House

Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

Keeping plants, flowers, trees and shrubs in our garden in perfect health and appearance is not just a matter of giving you those care that seem most essential (and we only say... Read more »

Reasons to have a Mining Operator

In general, it has been explained that the decisions to use a mining operator must be motivated by correct risk management of the operation, through a detailed study of the relationship: cost,... Read more »
Financial Services

Ideas to set up a Financial Services Business

Look for new and alternative ways to present your products through emerging services in the market. Never assume the relevance of your products or services , since it is not known when... Read more »
Personality Psychology

Motivation and Personality – Short Summary – Personality Psychology

When studying behavior, or “transactional” we consider the intervention of personal, situational factors, the interrelation between the two, the resulting behavior), its consequences and how these would affect future behavior, the perception... Read more »

How to make a Digital Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Business?

Digital real estate marketing, it’s time to take the step. When we talk about digital marketing and specialization we cannot forget that although as professionals we apply methodologies, tools, best practice and... Read more »
Buying an Apartment

What should you Consider Before Buying an Apartment?

The investment in a property is probably the most important in a person’s life. It is about allocating the savings of a lifetime to acquire an asset. Keep in mind that the... Read more »

Different kind of Media in Current Era

The media are divided, by their physical structure, into: Audiovisual media: In general terms, audiovisual media are those that can be heard and seen. That is, devices that rely on images and... Read more »

History of the Journalist and Present Role of Journalist

In the early nineteenth century, a journalist was someone who wrote in publications, but in the last century has come to mean a writer for newspapers and magazines as well. Many whom... Read more »
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