Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

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Keeping plants, flowers, trees and shrubs in our garden in perfect health and appearance is not just a matter of giving you those care that seem most essential (and we only say ‘look’) like irrigation or pruning , which seem to have the more direct impact on its development.

And in the same way that our children need nutrients and food in addition to the hydration of water to develop in the best conditions, the specimens of our garden will also need to be enriched with these extra nutrients that they cannot receive completely from mother earth. Keep reading this Green Ecology article to learn about the benefits of organic fertilizer.

Why choose organic fertilizer:

Our plants need, ultimately, a nudge to the development that only chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers can provide. However, from here we recommend betting on the second option … The reasons? We leave you below:

  • The organic fertilizer or compost used is a 100% natural product from animals, humans, plant residues of food or other organic and natural source and therefore with 0% of chemical inputs that will not harm the plants.
  • The fertilizer is used to give a timely nutritional contribution to the needs of the plant at a given time (illness, requirements of the time of year, etc.) while the fertilizer serves to improve soil quality not only short but also long-term.
  • They reuse organic matter to allow carbon fixation in the soil, so they are not toxic at all.
  • Improves water absorption capacity.
  • Generally they are produced in a homemade or local way and therefore they move from fairly close places, so they do not require too much energy for their manufacture or for transport. However, there are some very special ones that are brought from distant places (bat guano or sea birds, for example).
  • Precisely because of its ingredients (waste) it is a very economical product.

Burning calories:

Gardening is a physical activity of medium intensity. You can burn approximately 300 calories in one hour dedicated to the care of the plants. Complementing this practice with other physical activity, such as swimming or morning walks, is convenient to keep the body in better condition.

Strengthens muscles and joints:

By performing repetitive movements such as digging and cutting, the muscles and joints of the body regain their strength and natural elasticity. In addition, it is an excellent routine of cardiovascular exercise.

Increase the feeling of well-being:

Being surrounded by plants and flowers has a positive impact on your mood. Direct contact with soil, soil and other organic elements contributes to fewer cases of asthma and some allergies.

It improves the immune system:

By staying in an outdoor space you get a good dose of sunlight, which means a lot of vitamin D that helps the body properly absorb calcium, a mineral that strengthens bones and makes the immune system function more effective. For more information on organic gardening, you can also get in touch with an expert like Lenny Wong Toronto also known by the name Leonard Wong Toronto who is a business executive with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of organic gardening.

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