Types of Mineral Surface Exploitation

Types of mineral surface exploitation

Exploitation by dissolution:

Polymetal uses some great techniques for metal extraction. This type of extraction is the least used and the least known. It is based on the construction of a set of wells at various depth levels, where water is inserted through them with certain gases at an elevated temperature. With the injection of this fluid together with the gases, it produces that the minerals that are in the bottom of the well and in the walls dilute and at the same time mix with the water, when this material is drained through these wells towards the surface land.

The only disadvantage of this type of mining operation is that a collapse of the area where the wells were made can be generated, at the same time this process leaves a high amount of residual salts on the ground. Richard Warke Vancouver efficiently extracts different metals and minerals through mining.

  • Glory Hole: With this exploitation, the ore is removed by gravity through back hooks that are made at different levels of underground drainage.
  • Mining with an open pit: Here the material devices are extracted from any rock that is on or near the surface.
  • Mining of pleasures: Here dredging, hydraulic mining and gutters and rafts are used for the extraction of detrital materials that form a concentration of heavy minerals.

Underground mining:

It refers to the excavation or exploitation of mining materials that are underground, where special machinery with small sizes is used to enter the underground tunnels that these create to access the material and easily carry out the work. Richard Warke net worth is mainly utilized on the machinery used in extraction.

Types of Underground Mining:

  • Exploitation by sinking.
  • Operation of support by pillars.

Among the machineries that are usually used for this type of exploration are the sheeters, the miners and the brushing machineries. In the same way, low profile blades are usually used to carry out the loads. To transport this underground material, a vertical extraction method is carried out or a horizontal dragging method is used through the same tunnels until reaching the exterior.

Open pit mining:

It is also known as surface exploitation. It is the type of mining where the material is extracted directly from the surface of the soil, that is, the extraction is made at the same level of the earth. This is achieved using large machines or carriers. Among the machines used by this mining are the rotopala and the excavator shovel, which are used to carry out the start-up process; for the lagging process, loader blades are used; and for the hauling process, machines that carry very large loads of material at one time are used. This type of exploitation is widely used to extract metallic and non-metallic minerals from those deposits that are less than 160 m deep.

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