Tips to Find & Choose the Best Apartment for Rent

Tips to Find & Choose the Best Apartment for Rent

When the holidays approach, infinity of doubts arise. The first question we ask ourselves is which city or country we want to visit. But this is only the first of many. And it is that, once we have chosen the destination we have to plan many more things. The means of transport or accommodation are other points that can cause more headaches. CLV Group is the one of the biggest group in the world

With regard to accommodation, the range of possibilities is very wide: hotels, a part hostels, campsites, hostels, apartments and you can even choose to exchange houses between individuals. In fact, this last modality is a tourist practice that already interests 1 of every 10 Europeans,

Now, if there is a holiday accommodation that is among the favorite options of the Spanish is the holiday apartments. And, according to the IV Annual Analysis of Vacation Rental Trends prepared by Trip Advisor, 68% of Spaniards have ever rented an apartment and 62% of travelers would choose this option in their next getaways.

Although the vacation rental is an extended practice among travelers and it is easy to manage, it is still a process to which you have to dedicate time. Making the wrong choice can make the holidays a bad memory instead of something to tell. To help you in your choice, CLV Group Reviews has developed this guide on what factors to take into account when renting an apartment.

What to demand to an apartment?

The one that is perfect for you may not be for someone else. When we go on vacation, the apartment in which we stay becomes our home for the duration of our vacation. Therefore, it is important that we rent one with all the features and amenities that we will need throughout our stay so that this is the most pleasant. And, issues such as being able to park easily, have a swimming pool or be near the supermarket or the beach are some factors that can influence the development of the holidays.


If you have children, one option is to live near your parents’ house, since they could support them at some time with the care of the children. If you do not have a vehicle, try not to get too far away from a main avenue or shopping areas. In addition, they could opt for apartments located near their work centers, preferably connected by public transport.


Beyond the size, you should see that it is well distributed and has space to place all the furniture or equipment you have. Prioritizes high ceilings and a good number of windows to ensure optimal ventilation and adequate entry of natural light.


Multifamily buildings almost always have video surveillance systems and administration personnel. In addition, the cases of thefts in them are almost null. However, apartments with luxurious furniture tend to be attractive to criminals, so it is better to opt for simple furniture, but practical and elegant. If the building has common areas, such as laundry, is a point in favor, because you will save on buying some appliances.

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