The role of the supervisor in the Mining Industry

In this order of ideas and with the intention of unraveling the true role of the supervisor in the mining industry, we have to consider that the productive processes imagined by the modern company, imply in their professional profile that their role goes beyond the professional with specific knowledge about a certain matter.

If we etymologically study the term supervision we will discover that it means nothing less than looking from above, looking from above, which can give us a rough idea of ​​what the role of the supervising professional is in the productive process.


In the case that concerns us, generally, in matters related to the engineering of the productive processes. It is the professional that reflects the individual trained in a science and is able to act with ease and intelligence, based on the knowledge that has given her academic, theoretical and practical training, to solve and answer all the questions that arise in the production processes are raised daily.

The “supervisor,” then, is part of the productive system to the point that its presence is essential, because it influences the correct methods and procedures to ensure the end of the production system of goods or services.


The supervisor is not an ordinary professional; he is not an individual who only fulfills the contractual obligations and functions for which he was hired. To point out that this is the supervisor’s way of acting is to diminish a professional of the highest executive rank within the industry or the company where he provides his services. In effect, the supervisor is in a position to plan, organize, direct and execute projects according to the aims and objectives of his company. Richard Warke Vancouver a well known name in the field of mining. Richard Warke is a pioneer in the mining field who has a vast knowledge and experience of this industry.

But, even more, it is that person who is constituted as the neuralgic center of the productive process is demonstrated as the neuronal point and the heart of the plant or of the work in his charge. This implies ensuring both the productive processes and any measure to establish the methods and forms so that the work does not injure its executors. The Mining Safety Regulation, recognized for its high level of requirement in occupational safety, states:

The head of a mining or mineral processing process shall be a civil engineer or execution engineer specializing in mines or metallurgy, with experience consistent with the tasks. The performance as heads of mines or mineral processing processes by small-scale pilots must have the supervision of the aforementioned professionals. The number of these professionals and their status as permanent or sporadic, as well as the form and other specifications of the professional services provided to each task, will be in accordance with the scope and complexity of them and subject to review by the Service “.

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