Sell with a broker or by yourself?

Sell with a broker or by yourself?

You want to sell your house? You hesitate between the option of selling it for yourself or doing it with a professional real estate broker? In the current context, whether the resale market is balanced or not, this is an issue that deserves reflection.

The fact of “saving” the broker’s commission often weighs heavily in the balance when it comes to making the decision to sell one’s house by oneself. In addition, with the available web resources, marketing your property seems as easy as a breeze. Is this really the case?

Do the exercise of the pros and cons of selling your home yourself! To be clear, evaluate the situation objectively by listing the advantages and disadvantages. You can then choose the best option, depending on your personality, availability, knowledge and skills. Larry Weltman is dedicated to offering quality customer service to all of his customers.


Financial profit by saving on the commission of the broker. It must be remembered, however, that you will still have to pay fees for the services of certain professionals who will assist you in your work. These fees can be a few thousand dollars.  Larry Weltman Toronto works hard to keep up to date on the most recent trends of all feature of the real estate industry.

Better knowledge of your home.  You are the best person to extol the merits of your property. However, are you comfortable with the idea of greeting visitors and “selling” their features?

Control over the entire process. You are in the driver’s seat. It’s up to you to decide if you take the first proposal received or if you refuse to wait for a more advantageous offer. You can get the time you desire to retail your possessions.

Choice and control of visits.  Again, it’s up to you to manage the requests for visits, to detect the “nosy” of the real buyers, in short, to qualify visitors to avoid unnecessary visits.


Selling price. One of the first tasks to accomplish is to set a realistic selling price. You must protect your family wealth by not selling at a loss. However, a price that is too high risks moving you away from potential buyers and hurting a faster sale. You will need to use experts to help you establish this selling price.

Availability and skills. Selling your home or condo requires a significant investment of time and energy. This requires skills that you can develop over time or your research. In any case, it requires full dedication. Is it more profitable for you to work or sell your house?


  • Not being able to benefit from the real estate broker’s network of resources, you have the obligation to shop your technical and legal experts to avoid complications. Some of them can have significant financial implications. It is better to prevent.
  • Have you specified the criteria allowing you to let strangers into your house (appearance, expression, etc.) and under what conditions (in the presence of two adults, children, etc.)? This is an aspect that is easily forgotten and yet requires all your attention to avoid inconvenience.

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