Ideas for Setting up a Cleaning Company

Cleaning Company

The progressive outsourcing by companies, public bodies and individuals has caused a sustained growth of the cleaning services sector. Homes, offices, restaurants and hotels, shops, clinics and hospitals, schools and public bodies. There is a constant demand for cleaning, which responds to two basic needs: hygiene and image. Everything can be cleaned: glass, floors, upholstery, ceilings, garden areas, facades, monuments.

The cleaning of buildings is the most relevant segment, although segments such as industrial cleaning, means of transport and pest control services are also important. Many successful entrepreneurs like Cameron Chell Calgary are rocking the world of startups you can follow their path and take some inspirations from Cameron Chell business instincts in order to become successful in your business.

Human resources:

Define the number of people you need to perform a job, what characteristics they should have, what activity they will perform, what machinery they will use, the policy of using machinery and dealing with the customer. It does not hurt to tell you that you need to define the salary, the benefits, the obligations of the employee, the obligations of the company, if you need insurance against risk and medical insurance, etc.

Having these aspects very clear before hiring staff will avoid expenses in future lawsuits.

Legal Obligations:

Define which the laws that benefit you and protect you are and what the legal obligations of your company are. It would be good to include the types of fines you can face to shield yourself from them.

Fair play:

The cleaning market is full of products and many of them are harmful to the environment. Investigate what are the obligations and ecological sanctions of your country with respect to the protection of the environment and the use of cleaning chemicals. In many cases, governments favor (with credits, concessions, contracts and financing) companies that cause the least possible ecological damage.

How will you promote your services?

Define each step of your marketing strategy. Remember that if you do not promote yourself, you do not exist. You must advertise by all possible means.

EYE! Do not advertise that dirty the city because you will dirty your reputation

Define the facilities and your machinery:

  • The cleaning companies have to have a physical location almost compulsorily. Why? Well, because it is necessary to have an office to serve your customers, a warehouse to keep all equipment and cleaning products, a toilet area, etc.
  • Do not forget that where you locate your company is a key factor. Unlike other types of businesses, it is recommended that your company’s premises be relatively removed from the center of your city, purely for hygiene and health issues. If you are very close to a river or the sea, it is very unlikely that ecologists will not monitor and control you.
  • When we refer to machinery they do not have to be pompous or strictly expensive but the main cleaning elements, brooms, gloves, mops, rags, handkerchiefs, clothing, masks, uniform, etc.

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