5 Ideas to Choose the ideal Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Buying an apartment – economically or financially – can be the investment of your life. So, you must have a lot of patience in that process and advise you well. Choosing the condominium manager is a task that should not be considered simple because it is necessary to hire a person who has the knowledge, experience and attitude necessary to perform a job in which the main objective is to make living in the condominium a good experience.

It is recommended that: 

Define personal and professional qualities that you require in the administrator 

A profile of the condominium manager position is developed in which the personal and professional qualities required for the ideal candidate are defined. Among them, be an orderly person, good communicator, discreet, organized, retailer, with knowledge about the laws that pertain to this type of housing, with demonstrable experience in the administration of condominiums. Inform the owners of this profile, it may be the case that some or some owners know or want to propose a candidate.

Hiring it through a company has a favourable cost:

Although the condominium manager can contract directly through an advertisement in a local or national media, printed or on the internet, the truth is that this position has a series of requirements that make it ideal to hire a company that offers condominium administration service, they have a cost but more experience and knowledge on the subject.

Evaluate several companies so you can choose the ones that fit your needs

It is important to contact several companies of this type, analyze their offer, their rates, and above all, evaluate the way they adapt to the needs for which the condominium manager is hiring. 

In case it does not fit your needs

Condominium management companies should be asked to adjust to the post profile described in point 1. In addition, you can use this article to identify the qualities you need the administrator to have.

Propose everyone your candidate to reach an agreement

Propose to the set of condominium owners the candidate selected as condominium administrator to ratify the selection.

Once the condominium administrator has been selected, the rest of the owners must be presented and the expectations regarding their function must be clearly indicated. Making this clear is essential to achieve the proposed objectives.

Experts advise not to trust much in the photos of decoration magazines or real estate drawings, and concentrate on practical and realistic things. The quality of the materials and the width of the walls are more important than what is seen through the windows. A real estate expert who is always ready to help their customer issue regarding real estate. Finally, when selecting the condominium manager, it is important to set a deadline to make an assessment of their performance, for example, six or twelve months, after which time the fulfilment or not of the expectations can be verified when they are contracted.

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