Women’s Christmas Clothes and Lingerie at Lover-Beauty

How to dress for Christmas? Here are some small tips for a super trendy and suitable holiday look (lunches, dinners and Christmas parties)!

Discover all the trends to be impeccable!


The most obvious choice is true, but also the least risky! Worn in a total look or just on a garment, red (which suits brunettes, blondes and those with dark eyes) is the colour par excellence of Christmas. If you’re not used to bright colours, however, you can opt for wine red or burgundy, both trendy in the winter season.


Beyond red there is more

Green (in the forest shade), white and metallic tones (silver and gold) are super trendy and very suitable during the Christmas holidays. Colours such as blue, grey and brown are forbidden, unless you are a little Grinch who hates Christmas. Black is an exception, as long as it is accompanied by super sparkling details or accessories: yes black, but sequined and glittered! This Lover-Beauty black sleeve dress is suitable to latest trends.



Whether it’s a sheath dress or a skater model, the dress always makes all the difference and will make you look more elegant and sophisticated in the blink of an eye. If the occasion allows it, wear it with a few centimetres of heel. Are you afraid it’s too much? Don’t give up your femininity and opt for a knee (or above the knee) boot, a lace-up or a pair of Dr. Martens. The choice of tights should always be well matched to the dress: if the dress is already quite particular, you need simple tights like a black opaque; if instead the dress is very basic, you can play a bit and dare with glitter tights or with motifs. Don’t worry about size, you’ll find everything in the cheap online clothing stores!



Yes to tulle skirts, yes to pleated skirts (especially metal ones), yes to skater skirts and also yes to leather skirts if combined with a very soft Christmas-themed maxi jumper or a bon ton shirt, to sweeten the look a bit.

Always remember: simple skirt, particular tights – particular skirt, simple tights.


Trousers are welcome, especially if you are planning a very casual Christmas party.

Consider, however, that you will probably have your uncles or grandparents (if not your partner’s) at your side. I would totally leave aside, therefore, rips, patches and bright colours, and I would choose instead a classic or palace trousers. Give also a chance to velvet trousers, soft and chic, which also hides a few more rolls on the hips!


Lingerie is also a highlight and must be part of your outfit after you and your partner exchange the Christmas presents. Show off the sexiest part of you, with a red or black lingerie, colours that are always perfect for this type of party. Don’t forget to wear a nice pair of tights, better if stay-ups or hold-ups, to raise the sexy level of your lingerie a little more! And in case you need it, remember the plus size lingerie wholesale section that you can find on the Lover-Beauty website!





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