What is the Standard Operating Procedure of Laminar Flow Hood?

The laminar flow hood is a vital equipment that should be used in laboratories, hospitals, department for quality control and also in production floors in a lot of industries. The laminar flow hoods will provide you with the chance to circulate the filtered air in a small area so as to highly reduce the chance of getting exposed to various airborne contaminants and germs. The laminar flow hoods are of high importance in the world of pharmacies, laboratories and food productions. This article will help you understand how laminar flow hoods function.

Function of the Laminar Flow Hood

The hood will be protecting all the delicate materials along with various samples from getting contaminated. It does this by simply ensuring that air is circulated through the entire unit and that it is completely free from dust or other types of toxic particles. The air circulation system inside the laminar hoods will provide you with an air flow that will move in exact parallel planes that will remove the airborne debris that is introduced in the working environment by the operators.

How does the Laminar Hood Function?

When the hood is getting used the air will be forced from the back of the hood in a parallel line. In fact the air will get filtered twice prior to it getting circulated once again in the air inside the room. First, a process of filtration is done by the pre filter that will remove all the larger particulate matter like the large dust or dirt particles from the air. The second process involves the high efficiency filters call HEPA and these will make air which is good for breathing.

The laminar flow hoods will provide you with a high degree of protection and they will also save your samples, different materials in your workplace from getting contaminated. The laminar flow hoods are not made to provide significant protection to laboratory workers. Thus the lab workers must not be working with such materials that cannot be used with safety in open and hood less benches. Such materials that are toxic or can easily catch fire should not be used unless there is hood. The fume hoods are used for t his purpose only.

The air that exists in general laboratories, in clinics and overall workplaces are not safe but if you have a laminar flow installed then you can find your air safe for breathing. Researchers tend to produce a lot of harmful by products from their studies. It is vital that one does pay close attention to these by products as they can be potentially fatal. The laminar flow hoods through two level cleaning duties will clean the air inside your companies.


The laminar flow hood is essential for your success. This equipment makes a device for helping people work together in the laboratories. These hoods ensure safety for both your equipments and you.

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