TV Commercials, What does the Future Hold?

Tv Commercial Production

If you are one of those who had seen advertisements on TV back in 1980’s, you have seen TV commercials evolve over a period of past decades. The transition has been quite dramatic and you have been a witness to it. TV ads have changed in their concepts, structure, style and even in the volume of budget that is spent upon it. We have seen more and more Tv Commercial Production Companies taking the market by storm and creating a legion of spectacular TV ads. What has stayed as a constant though with all these ads is their purpose which is to creatively grasp the attention of the viewers and positively influence their buying decisions. So here’s what the future holds for the TV Commercials.

1. Authenticity is the Opportunity:

A few years back, the battle between the big screen (TV) and the small screen was fierce. For the future though, we will see this line blurring out. Both the viewers and Ad Film Production Houses are already noticing the transition. A leading creative director says, “Any good advertising with still try to win minds by winning hearts, irrespective of the screen size”. TV ads have a great opportunity in being authentic. This emphasizes the significance of good storytelling, a solid concept and a genuine message in advertising.

2. ‘Crisp’ is the Need of the Hour:

Have you noticed how the length of TV ads are becoming shorter and shorter? Squeezing the message in a snippet on few seconds seems to be the trend. This is an indication of where TV ads are headed in the future with respect to their length and duration. Experts say that the 30-second spot will continue to be the most ideal length for TV ads for the next couple of years. ‘Skip Ad’ and ‘forward’ options are both hurdles and great opportunities for Video Production teams to go all out and be innovative with their ads. Either ways, the ads that engage will be the winners at the end.

3. TV Moving Towards ‘Streaming’:

Streaming platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix have taken viewers by storm. Television programs have gone beyond the big screen to be a part of the mobile devices and so have the ads. Streaming and Over-The-Top (OTT) models will continue to gain strong foothold in the media world and the advertisers have to brace themselves for this giant wave. A collective name, ’Advanced TV’ has become popular while addressing these platforms and more and more individuals and households are adopting it. Streaming creates an opportunity for brands to address the viewers directly with highly targeted ads.

4. Ads Targeted Towards Demographics:

Advertising on TV has always been targeted. But we will see the target audience becoming more and more specific in the future. Thanks to Advanced TV, television viewing has moved from being a group viewing setup to a personal platform, more like social media. Brands in the future will be buying advertising space based on demographics and not in general. Much like we study customer behaviour on the internet, we will also be able to gather search data, preferences, viewing time etc. on targeted TV. This is a great platform for niche specific Tv Commercial Production Companies do display their mastery and creativity.

5. Ads Becoming more Programmatically Placed:

Another futuristic trend that is shaping up is that TV ads are getting programmatically placed. This directly hints on the greater involvement of AI and Machine Learning in the way TV ads will be distributed in the future. Based on the data regarding viewer behavior such as when do consumers “second screen” while watching a TV commercial, we will be able to determine the impact of an ad on the consumers. By gathering such insights, advertisers will be able to create ads that have the potential to appeal their target audience. Programatically purchased and placed TV ads will ensure that the brands will have more ROI for their ads.

Based on these trends, it would be safe to say that the future of TV ads will be dominated by technological advancements. It is also necessary to note that viewers will have more power to decide what kind of ads they watch thanks to Advanced TV. Ad Film Production Houses will constantly be under immense pressure to product highly impactful and authentic ad concepts that will have a lasting impression on viewers.

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