Traveling With Kids- Comforts & Hitches

Traveling with Kids

Traveling with your young children is a fun way to discover the world, but it comes with a specific set of challenges as well. After planning a trip with your child, your mind starts finding out the answers of many questions. However, the hardest part is when you think about all those ways through which you can keep your kids occupied. Whether you’re flying high on the not-so-friendly skies or hitting the road with your car, the potential dilemmas are many. While traveling with toddlers, you must keep below-mentioned things in mind:

Travel With Babies:


Most of the tots have the ability to adjust themselves easily with the new travel scenario. Babies who are on breastfeeding can easily eat and sleep while traveling. They don’t give you much stress. Your kids follow you, they go where you go. Moreover, young children have the tendency to gel with other kids of their age and nature. This is particularly wonderful if you are visiting to the home of any of your relative or friend as they will play snuggle with your tiny tot while you get some peaceful moments of relaxation.


Undoubtedly, stress piles up on your head when you start packing items in your travel bag. No matter how hard you try to pack least possible items, still your bags will be loaded with small items like extra clothes for your baby, wipes, diapers, and some kind of walker.  Some children are highly adjustable, but not all. Some kids with health problems can even give you shivers as they shout a lot, shed tears and compel you to go back home.

Even a small problem with tots can turn into a big one as they can’t share their problems with you lucidly. One more thing, as your child gets older, he or she demands your extra attention while sleeping or having food. Some tots are introvert, so when you stay with your friends or family, you may not visit their home frequently.

Travel With Toddlers:


Toddlers are the magnet of compassion, generosity and love, and people will do things for you that you usually won’t experience if you travel alone. Ever feel lonely and lost in overseas? With toddlers, that’s especially never the situation. People will step forward to help you whether they understand your language or not. Toddlers are the gush of energy and curious to know each and everything and have the ability to experiment with games and words.

Thus, if you are traveling with your tiny kid, make sure you keep some sort of games especially puzzles, in order to keep the child busy. Just leave the baby with a game of his choice and travel without getting on your nerves. Their habit of grazing is also an added advantage, since you don’t have to take stress about their gluing with a stern mealtime habit. They eat whatever you serve in their palette and even try to clean the mess left by them.


Toddlers are curious about everything. Most of the times, their inquisitiveness becomes too grueling for parents. Another major problem is sleep. If you’re going to nearby place, make sure you reach the place after dark. This will assist you to get your kid to bed and counterbalance the gap for him/her. For traveling abroad, book the last flight, so your child can sleep comfortably on the plane and won’t be bewildered when you land at your destination.

Delayed flights and lost baggage are dreadful enough. However, few travel catastrophes are more troublesome than having a child who is under weather with you while traveling. Play safe by keeping documents like required medicines, health insurance cover papers, contact no of your doctor, relevant prescriptions, and so forth. Finally, when you reach to your destination, consult a doctor. Kids with picky eating habits are hard to please while traveling. Make sure you carry some of your toddler’s favorite snacks in the bag.

Travel With Preschoolers:


Traveling with preschoolers is indubitably a great fun. At this point of time, your children start developing relationships and memories. Most of the kids of this age group are easy to handle (at times an ice-cream cone can work wonders). They can walk more without your support and even participate enthusiastically in planning. In plain and simple language, you can take a sigh of relief with the kids of this age group and discover the beauty of places in a new way without keeping an eagle eye on the child.


Parents of young children often riff through many difficulties as school going children have a definite mindset. They talk to you openly and tend to have strong views about their likes, dislikes and career. Sometimes, this may create situations stressful for you.  At this particular stage, you cannot coerce your kid to visit religious places or an art museum with you whereas a tot just sees it is an elating chance to go outside.


Is travel with tiny tots and young ones worth it? While closing, we can only say that there’s no specific answer to this question. It depends on parents to parents and their way of handling their kids.

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