Tips to Maintain and Make Hardwood-Flooring Shine

Hardwood Flooring

Having a hardwood floor inside your home is a great way uplifting the interior. We all know certain benefits of having wood floors inside our home.

Any flooring requires regular cleaning that shall keep the floors healthy and in its excellent form. When you do not do the cleaning and carry the regular cleaning, then chances are your reclaimed wood flooring will lose the shine.

Hence, to have clean and shiny flooring, we have decided to share with you quick tips on maintaining the hardwood floors for home.

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Frequent Wiping

The first tip we would suggest you is to keep the frequent wiping with the soft bristle brooms. One important thing to consider cleaning the hardwood floors is that you need to consider the traffic. Depending upon the traffic you should do the frequent wiping inside the home. By doing so, your flooring is maintained and the shines throughout.

Vacuum Cleaner

Another, thing to keep in mind in order to keep the floors shining is to use the vacuum cleaner. With the help of vacuum cleaner, you are able to clean throughout the internal areas where the broom cannot reach. With the regular cleaning, you can keep the wood polished.

No water

Water can be permanent damage to the hardwood floors. Therefore, always try to avoid using water. So, what to do when something falls on the floor? Well, in such a scenario you can use a damp cloth and clean it off. But never use the water because it will ruin the finish and stain it.


Sometimes, it happens that the natural remedies are unable to bring back the shine. During such times, you can try the process called Buffing. It basically means to make the floor shine by rubbing after mopping. Some people opt for the clean cloth diaper while some people opt for the microfiber and cotton clothes

Depending upon your choice you can use any of them. Always remember not to rub the clothes in a harsh manner. Go for the recommended mild cleaners. Though, we would highly suggest avoiding using soaps as it leaves behind stains and patches.

Home Remedies

Even though chemicals are really effective sometime kids might end up have scratched and allergic while sitting or playing. Therefore, one can use home remedies with the help of ingredients available inside your kitchen.

  • Get one-cup apple cyder vinegar and mix it with one gallon of warm water. Remember not hot water but WARM. Every three months you can use this mixture to clean the flooring.
  • Now you can get the wood flooring shiny and elegant with a nice cup of tea. For this, you will require to get one cup of black tea or perhaps boil it in two cups of boiling water. Once it is cooled down, then you can have it and use this to wipe the floors. The tannic acid present inside the tea shall raise up the grain and thereby bringing the shine on the floors.
  • Some people firmly believe that using vinegar shall damage the floors. But, bear in mind that if you use in right amount then it’s all good. So, mix one tablespoon of vinegar in two gallons of water and use this liquid to clean the floors.

Use it every two months. With this liquid mixture, the floor becomes germ-free and of course no odorless.

So, that was all about our tips to maintain and make your hardwood floors shine. Try them out and do let us know about your suggestions in the comment section.

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