15 Things to Check before Selling HUD Homes

HUD Homes

HUD homes are foreclosed homes by FHA (Federal Housing Administration) and people prefer buying these homes because they are comparatively less costly. The process of buying and selling these homes differs just because here lies the legalities regarding FHA. FHA is basically a lender agency that inspects your property and certain credentials and grant loans. However, if you fail to pay off your mortgage money then FHA pays a certain amount to your lender. The mechanism works more like a mortgage system. HUD homes can more likely be called FHA homes. Albeit, you need vigilance when involved with property matters but be more cautious while selling HUD homes. You require 15 things to be checked before selling HUD homes.

Type of the HUD Home

If a debtor has failed to pay back the loan and his property is foreclosed, his property will be sold by FHA. There are two types of HUD homes and you must determine the type of home that you are going to sell. Determining the type will help to get the fair price of the property. 

Insured HUD Homes

One of the benefits of insured HUD homes is that they need the least repairing. Usually, an inspector is sent to inspect homes and he notifies back the actual condition of a home. If there is no repair requirement then it is good to go for sale. Nevertheless, if repairing is required then there are determined some escrow funds and they are put before a buyer purchases the home. Repairing is, albeit, done after selling the home and the buyer has to pay the repairing charges. Insured HUD homes are easy to sell.

Check If Home is Uninsured

When HUD determines the type of homes and places them in the uninsured category one thing is sure that they need repairing thousands of dollars. These properties are not financed by FHA funding to repair the damage. Those who face such situations can find other options for them like hard money loans. People who buy these homes must know that HUD never pays for the repair of these homes.

Owner Occupants of HUD Homes

Owner-occupants are the people who live in the bought property for a specific time. During this time they cannot rent out that home further as a vacation home. Owner-occupants preferably buy insured HUD homes because they have to live in these homes. And there is little or no need to renovate or repair these homes. Convenient pricing and no repairing cost attract them. 

HUD Property Investors

While involved with the selling of the HUD property check if the person who buys a home is a property investor. They never have any intention to live in the house that they purchase as HUD homes. They plan to utilize these properties for the sake of business. They are different from owner-occupants because they usually go for uninsured HUD homes. They sell these homes after spending a little on the home repair. It must be checked with all the attention that a person may not fake to be an owner occupant. The government usually fines on faking the identity as an owner occupant.

Finding the HUD Homes

There are three ways to find HUD homes for sale in Colorado Springs

  • Search the signboards
  • Visit the websites that post the HUD homes
  • Consult a reliable real estate agent 

Websites are the frequently used method to search HUD homes. You can get all the information online, form pricing to the area of these homes.

Evaluation of HUD Homes

After finding a HUD home there comes the phase of evaluation that has to be considered when one has to sell this property. Like other property sale and purchase the factor of the locality is primarily considered. Then you must find the type of HUD home. If it is insured then you can get more money for it than uninsured property. Check if you can get a hard money loan.

Financing of HUD Homes

Finding financing for HUD homes is not easy because you have to follow the time deadlines. It is merely a myth that HUD homes are sold with finances. FHA financing is the foremost option for all. If they do not finance then you need to find alternate finances while selling out the HUD home.

FHA Financing

Financial Housing Administration does not grant finances to all HUD properties. If you get FHA financing then you can get a better amount for this home. However, if there is too much to repair in a home then FHA does not grant finances. 

Alternate Financing Options

When you look for finances option other than FHA then there are following considerable option

  • Hard money loan which is usually granted with high-interest rate
  • The mortgage is another way where you are given a time limit of certain years and you have to pay back before the completion of that timeframe.

Real Estate Agent Behind HUD Property

Many real estate agents specifically deal with HUD properties. You can sell HUD home on your own or take help from these real estate agents. HUD registration is compulsory for real estate agents who are offering HUD properties. These realtors are liable to tell you about the defects of these HUD properties.

HUD Home Bidding

If you are selling HUD home online then there are many online bidding portals. Remember that in HUD home bidding a buyer can bid just for once for one property. You log onto the bidding portal and start bidding. There is a specific time to complete bidding on these websites.

HUD Home Inspection

Just like normal properties, HUD homes need an inspection. You must know what you are selling. You can take help from professional inspectors. 

HUD Home Repairing

 If you get the finances for HUD home renovation and repair has to be completed before you put that home on sale. 

HUD Home Closure

HUD home closure is different from normal deals of properties. You send an agent to close that deal and it is done on the time decided by HUD. Then submit the completed contract. 

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