Sony Playstation 4: Best-Selling Console in the World


During the current fiscal year, Sony plans to sell from 18 to 19 million PS4, which by the end of 2018 may reach 80 million consoles sold. Ahead of the holiday period, during the “Black Friday” and Christmas holidays, sales of electronics and playstations will skyrocket. That is why there is almost no doubt that this company will achieve their goals. If you are looking for the best offers for buying a new game console in different stores at the USA, it will be much faster when using EZ car rental USA.


The success story of Sony Company in the gaming industry began in the late twentieth century, in the year 1994. A well-known Japanese company for the manufacture of electronic technology presented a new PlayStation game console, outdistancing the well-known manufacturer of Nintendo consoles on the market.

Having organized a department for the creating and development of gaming consoles, the company took up the development of innovative technologies in the field of electronic games. New solutions at the improvement of sound and video processors were found. Sony’s innovative offer made it possible to create a product with the possibility of a three-dimensional image, a convenient platform architecture, and memory cards for bulk games.

Breaking into first places in the gaming business, Sony began working with a large number of game developers, which led to the creation of large-scale game stores from the best manufacturers.

Success of Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) is the latest and most recent Sony stationary game console. The official announcement of the PlayStation 4 was held at the ‘PlayStation Meeting 2013’ conference in February 2013.

The sales of this console began in November 2013. The console runs on the Orbis operating system, which is a modified version of FreeBSD 9.0. Considering the excessive specificity of previous platforms and, as a result, complicated game development, Sony (as well as their competitor- Microsoft Xbox One) decided to use a more versatile hardware. As a result, 8-core AMD Jaguar/Kabini x86-64 and 8 GB GDDR5 CPU are used there. Such changes have consequences in the form of incompatibility with old games: they are available only in the “cloud” mode. Inside there is a 500 GB hard drive (replacement is possible, including on SSD), 6-speed Blu-Ray and 8-speed DVD drive, USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet, HDMI and optical. In addition, there are wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1.

It seems that the gaming business for the Japanese corporation Sony has become one of the most profitable, if not the most profitable. Indeed, to date, the corporation has managed to sell more than 67.5 million PlayStation 4 game consoles. This is a truly excellent result in the current generation of game consoles, as their main competitor (the Microsoft’s Xbox One) is now far behind them. Sony’s official financial report, published in autumn, 2018, confirms that today the future of the company is in the video games.

Best-Selling Console

The financial report for the second quarter of 2017 (the period between July 1 and September 30) demonstrates that Sony Interactive Entertainment’s gaming division is very profitable now. During the current fiscal year, Sony managed to realize more than 4 million PlayStation 4 consoles. Only in the last quarter, 3.3 million consoles were shipped to stores around the world. In general, to date, more than 67.5 million boxes with popular consoles have been sold. The conference at the Paris Game Week exhibition only strengthened Sony’s position as a leader in the console industry, because they had just announced some great amount of new great games. If we talk about dry numbers, the company increased its PS4 sales by 35.4% compared to last year.

Sony developers are seriously thinking about a new version of their consoles, because of the increasing level of complexity of computer games, the requirements for graphics and color support. How will it look, will it be as popular as the PS4, and what the exclusive characteristics of the device will be added, is still unknown. Only one thing is clear – modern PlayStation game consoles will still be at the peak of sales for a long time because interest in video games is only picking up from day to day.

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