Why Do You Need a Big Data Certification?

Big Data

Just when you step onto a bigger version of data, i.e. big data, you would require certain skills to handle the data sets, since they get larger in number and the traditional data processing applications are not adequate to tackle them.

Big Data Revolutionizing Business

Predictive analytics is the major outlook for this system where various statistical techniques are from areas like data mining, predictive modelling, and machine learning are used to extract value from data. To mention analogically, in an e-commerce store, the website collects a huge host of information like- time spent on site, referring sites, bounce rate, flow of visitors and so on. They track this set of information on a person-by-person basis; subsequently, over a span of a few years, they would be able to build a massive dataset that cannot be handled by traditional methods. That is when they know that they are dealing with ‘Big Data’.

Leeway With a Big Data Certificate

With the arising innovations in the field of Big Data, the scopes just seem to get better on a daily basis. Statistics say that by the end of the decade, there shall be a lack of about 2 lac data analysts in USA alone.

The probable growth of Big Data all around the world is because of the awareness of the benefits that illuminate from unstructured data can impact businesses and increase its return of investment. Another interesting fact is that Malaysia is considered a hub for centrally controlled development in analytics. Hence getting a big data certification can be hugely benefitial for your career.

Reasons to Get your Skill-set Priority Right

Globally, Big Data Analytics is being considered as one of the hottest skills, with the soaring demand for analytics professionals in most of the industries in the market.

● There is a whooping 16% hike in job opportunities in Big Data management and Analytics than there were in the previous year and the current demand is just the beginning.

● Study says that the Analytics market will evolve to at least one-thirds of the global IT market from the current one-tenths of its size.

This sudden apparent surge is due to the increased number of organizations that are implementing Analytics and thereby looking for professionals and the ones that have not done so yet, have planned to make it effective within the upcoming 2 years at the most.

As we talk, the qualified professionals are already looking for further ways to exploit the power of Big Data.

You think you know your multivariable calculus and linear, matrix algebra, probability and statistics right? Come and grab your Big Data Certification to be a part of this fast evolving and greatly rewarding field.

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