5 Best Mobile App UI Design Trends that remains a big hit in 2020

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With the advent and popularity of smartphone use in the world, mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular for modern-day users. As per statistics, the use of mobile apps helped in generating 188 billion USD of revenue by the end of 2020. The current year 2019 focussed more on developing a wide range of apps for offering high value and quality services with the help of developing and designing a number of apps, which offer some of the best user experience seeking to help of top-rated UI developers.

There are several ways in which one can see the expert mobile app developers making their mobile applications remain to stand out in terms of design, which would dominate in the coming year 2020.


The first trend that would remain a big hit in 2020 is the full-fledged stories rather than the theses return to fashion. Currently, we see the idea of storytelling is gearing up to a higher level. Today the marketers are willing to write long paragraphs all thanks to the users who are ready to invest more time over the familiarization provided they feel that they can get all the required information.

Storytelling attracts customers to the brands as it helps you remain the part and parcel of the project. On the other side, the techniques would help in keeping them over scanning the content that ends up bringing back to search. Relying on Affordable Ux Design Services can help you gain effective story writing for you.


First and foremost, this can be called as the popular trend seen in web designing in general. As per reports, the animated illustrations shouldn’t be missed in the context of UI design. Today it has become the most effective way of transferring the information. I need to note that you need to pay more focus on both the freelancer animated elements along with the transitions, opening a list and button presses along with similar other elements as well. Also, you need to remember that most of the smartphone users take time to get impressed hence the Top Rated UI Developers are putting more efforts on every single detail. In 2020, the interface will change a lot in the coming time. This would, therefore, bring in more high-end animations for the simplest elements.

3D Graphics

The 3D technologies have often remain in good demand despite issues like more loading time. This is because the 3D often needs many more resources when it comes to developing and loading the pages. At the very same time, it also helps in transferring loads of information on a single page. The users then would get faster results when they are seen switching between the web pages. Relying on Affordable Ux Design Services can help you reap a number of 3D design benefits. These include the increase of competitiveness, make the perception simple, get better details the visualization of the product, make the introduction of new design trends simple and reduce the need for physical prototypes.


This is the other trend to note in 2020 where you get the chance to enjoy the zesty colors over the web. The fact of the matter is, these already exists but at the end of the year 2020, one can find this trend gearing up more. This is one of the best ways to add vibrancy to your designs. Hence one can see the Top Rated UI Developers relying more on that in the current market. Apple is one of the top brands to rely on this key, which include minimalism, proper empty space, the monotony of fonts and proper use of bold header along with the increased size. However, many find monotony to be boring but with gradients, the designs appear very unobtrusive, along with adding innovative and external aesthetics to your products. The coming five years would dominate on the same.

Wrapping Up

There are many more trends that would prosper in 2020 when it comes to UX designs. Thanks to the growing market where we see the companies are combating to seek the attention of their target audience. Today every company in the world want to attract consumers. Hence consumers are seen getting confused and spending more time on a simple option. This ends up resulting in several proven options if they tend to fail following the trends seen in UX-design. By relying on Affordable Ux Design Services one can make all the difference.

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