9 Ways You Can Make Your Garden Better During Quarantine

Garden Better During Quarantine

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone because of the lockdown across the country. People have found different activities to do that helps them pass their time and do something productive as well. A majority of people have found peace in making their garden beautiful and attractive in various ways. Also, the nurseries being the first ones to open up after the lockdown, it has been very helpful for those focusing on doing something new with their garden.

A variety of things can be done to make your garden better and a place where you can enjoy your time. The following are the easy ways you can change your garden.

Grow Herbs And Vegetables

You can plant seeds yourself in your home garden. There are a variety of vegetables that can grow without any specific conditions at any place. You can use organic fertilizers to give them the necessary nutrients and make them healthy. You can then use these vegetables and herbs to cook a new recipe and enjoy comfortably.

Plant Wildflowers

Flowers make your garden colorful and attractive. You just have to plant seeds and keep watering them. These wildflowers attract natural wildlife like bees and butterflies bringing more color to your garden.


This the perfect time when you can recycle old things and make them beautiful. You can plant colorful flowers on the old bike, guitar, old jars, drawers, bathtubs, or painted tires. This can give a different look to your garden and make it more attractive and also make you recycle things that you would never use.

Install A Bird Feeder

You can install a bird feeder in your garden and attract different kinds of birds. You do not have to go and buy any expensive bird feeder as it is easy to make one. You can use old things to build a bird feeder. This can help the birds as well as they can drink water and get some food whenever they want.

Involve Your Kids

If you have kids at home, you can involve them in gardening and make them learn a lot of things. Your kids could learn to plant a seed and in case you do not want to make the fertilizer at home, then you can contact the nearest organic fertilizer manufacturer to make it available. This is a great way to entertain your family and play together in your garden. You can also make your kids do a lot of other different activities that they enjoy.

Make A Wigwam

You can make a wigwam and plant creepers on it. Creepers give a different look to your home and garden. A wigwam is easy to make, you just need a few sticks and strings.

Paint Pots

If you have many ceramic or plastic pots laying in your garden you can make use of the time and make them look better by painting them. You can use different colors and designs to make it more appealing. This would give your garden a new look and give you a good ambiance.

Vertical Garden

If there is less space in your garden, then you can opt to set up a vertical garden. You just need a wall to set it up and it does not take up a lot of space. There are a variety of ways you can do this by using hanging pots, pallets, or creepers. This looks very attractive and can be the most beautiful part of your garden if done properly.

Collecting Rainwater

You can collect rainwater by setting up a container. This would help you to use that water in taking care of the plants. This reduces wastage of water and helps using it in the best possible way.

These innovative ways to make your garden a better place and more attractive could keep you busy during the lockdown. Gardening is one activity that almost everyone can do by having a basic knowledge of organic farming and the organic fertilizers used. The methods can be found out easily by different books and the internet to help you know the right way of doing it. Once you know the basics it becomes easier to implement these ideas.


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