Learn Everything about the Rhinoplasty: Definition, Types, Benefits, and After-effects


Plastic surgeries and reconstructive procedures have become quite famous in the past few years. With the rising beauty standards expanding entertainment and fashion industries, the need to have a good, spotless face has become very important.

Many people these days are unsatisfied with their nose shape and want to reconstruct it completely either to match their face shape or in a way they want. But doing plastic surgery on it can be quite risky if not done with care. A good surgeon is very much needed to have a successful nose job. But finding one such is not easy.

You may contact Mr. Makarand Tare, one of the best plastic surgeons in Essex, to get the best Nose Job in Essex.

What a nose job is

A nose job or rhinoplasty mainly involves reshaping and reforming and reconstructing noses. There are two types of Rhinoplasty:

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

This is done to get back the previous form and shape of the nose. If the nose got cut or blunt down due to some medical after-effects or injuries, this procedure is done to restore the previous shape.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

This one is done to change the shape and size of the nose. If the nose has some problem or does not suit the person’s face or preference, this type of plastic surgery is done.

Why a Rhinoplasty

There are mainly two reasons why people try to reshape their noses with Rhinoplasty. One is to look pretty, and the other is to have better breathing.

Rhinoplasty for beauty

Rhinoplasty is quite common among females who want to have a long sharp nose to look more like Hollywood celebrities or want to pursue their careers in the entertainment sectors. It can also help to reconstruct the nostrils and make a face look proper and symmetric. Beauty Rhinoplasty in Essex has become quite famous for its long-lasting effects and fast recovery process.

Rhinoplasty to improve nasal functions

Many people go to Rhinoplasty to make their breathing problems easier. A bad nose shape may cause one to have several asthma problems and problems of snoring. Doing Rhinoplasty to shape the nostrils, nose tip and remove any unnecessary lumps in the nasal path blocking airways can work as a cure.

The basic procedure of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty needs you to stay one night at the hospital. Though the surgery is easy, it needs to be done with care to get the best outcomes. The surgery may last from 1.5 to 3.5 hours, depending upon the steps that need to be taken.

It is an anaesthetic-based operation that requires columella incision and other operations like hump removal, midline septum shaping or removal, nostril shaping, nose tip shaping, fillers, etc.

Effects of the surgery

Even if you have gotten a Nose Job in Essex, the home of plastic surgeries, a swelling is unavoidable. Though the nose pack will get removed by the next day, some temporary discomforts may occur with hematoma, but it goes away within a week.

Preventive measures after the surgery

Most people return to their daily schedule after 15 to 20 days from the surgery. But it would be best not to do any huge physical labour for the next 6 to 12 months to ensure no further distortion. The nose would take nearly one year to settle down and recover completely. Keep visiting the surgeon at least once a month for one year to check the shape and progression status. Also, it would be best not to eat spicy or oily foods till complete recovery.

Why go to Mr. Makarand Tare

In London, the renowned cosmetic surgeon Mr. Makarand finished his MS (General Surgery) in 1994, followed by M.Ch. (Plast) and DNB (Plast) in 1997, MRCSEd in 2002, and FRCS (Plast) in 2008. Besides being a reconstructive surgeon at the Broomfield Hospital and other reputed private hospitals of London and nearby cities, he also works as a teacher and guest lecturer of Plastic surgery and related studies in many medical colleges and universities. He also performs the best Rhinoplasty in Essex. Other than performing surgeries, he uses nonsurgical methods like Botox and Dermal fillers to shape the noses.


Do your research well before choosing any plastic surgeon. Remember, plastic surgery is irrevocable, so choose only the best. Be wise and only choose what is best for you. Always ask for a 3D display and explanation of the operation procedure beforehand. It would be better to follow the doctor’s instructions and tips after the surgery are completed to get the best results.

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