Innovative LED Flood Lighting Systems

LED Flood Lighting

Lighting systems have been getting an upgrade since the invention of electricity. There have been many types of equipments and bulbs in the market existing since long and there are many new solutions coming in market.

The room for new and innovative product is created as a result of need for electricity saving as well as giving the best output. Normal light bulbs are now getting replaced by LED bulbs which have a much wider range of applications in different fields. LED technology is getting its space in indoors as well as outdoors due to its numerous benefits.

One of the high end applications of LED flood lights. In past times, sports were play only during day time, but nowadays, day-night games are becoming more interested and exciting for people. It is seen that audience presence is more during night games in big stadiums. One of the reasons is that the natural colours look more enhanced during night time in artificial lighting. This is continuously creating a need for high quality artificial lighting systems.

High power illumination is required in many applications such as:

  • Stadiums for sports
  • Highways for continuously illumination for better transport
  • Tunnels – compulsorily need high power lighting system
  • Factories – Different manufacturing plants require high power LEDs for 24-hr working
  • Airports – Runways compulsorily need high end LEDs as air transport can’t be limited to daytime.

LED flood lights can be of wide illumination angle or narrow illumination beam depending upon the requirement. But the main point lies in the quality of the beam which should be uniform lighting at every point without draining eyes of people.

There are many companies who are now bringing the best power saving as well as best possible illumination. But, for choosing the best lighting for your stadium or for any other application, choosing the best company isn’t enough. There has to be a proper design of lighting system specific to the location and to the requirement.

Lux is the unit of illumination. There are 2 types of lux that are needed to be taken care of in a stadium – Horizontal lux and vertical lux. Horizontal lux takes care of the ground and sky conditions. While vertical lux takes care of the people and players on the ground in a stadium. Lighting system design must include a combination of both that can give the best output lighting.

Another factor that is a pre-requisite for quality is its ability to withstand moisture, dust and rain. A well designed lighting system must be able to withstand rains (during off-condition as well as on-condition). Also, its front surface must not allow dust and moisture accumulation which otherwise will affect the intended result.

Stadiums require a lot of power, thus they need to have super bright LEDs to provide a continuous illumination with same intensity. Thus, it is well important to perform a proper research about LEDs available in market and understand the working before finally locking the purchasing deal because you don’t often replace your LED flood lights system.

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