How to Embed Facebook Reviews Widget on Website & Its Benefits?

Facebook Reviews Widget

With the increasing impact of user-generated content, the decision-making process of the users has changed. Marketers are looking for platforms to integrate UGC on the website to increase the user-engagement and build trust among the users.

In current times, users look for online reviews before trusting any product or service of a brand. Users spend around 80% of their time, browsing the real-life experience shared by the consumers before making any investment. 

Reviews are the authentic content shared on the digital platforms by the consumers after experiencing the product. Thus, users trust the reviews rather than branded content.

Embedding reviews from your valuable consumers to your website will bring brand credibility, which will increase user-engagement and website performance.

In this blog, we will see different ways in which you can embed Facebook Reviews on website and it’s long term benefits for your business.

Why Embed Facebook Reviews on Your Website?

Facebook is one of the interactive social media platforms that allow users to explore, access and post informative content. With billions of active users, this platform offers businesses a huge audience base to reach, interact and promote their brand. 

Facebook reviews and ratings are a quick way to learn about any brand’s popularity and social presence. 

Embedding these Facebook reviews on your website will broaden your organic reach and will strengthen brand credibility. Displaying UGC like customer reviews, feedbacks, images, and videos to your website visitors will enhance user engagement and conversions.

Different Ways to Embed Facebook Reviews on Website

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the best UGC platform to embed Facebook reviews widget on any website. It helps you to aggregate all your social feeds in one place with hashtags or mentions. Taggbox allows users to embed Facebook reviews in simple and efficient ways. 

The embedding process is divided into two main steps.

  1. Creating Facebook Review Widget
  2. Embedding Facebook Reviews on Website

Taggbox offers many advanced features like personalization to customize social wall, moderation to filter out the feeds like negative comments or relevant posts, analytics to get the insight of the performance and many more features.

The process to embed Facebook reviews is simple and quick. All you need to do is to click on the “Embed on Website” option which will popup once you have created the social wall.

A code will be generated which you can copy and paste on your website’s backend wherever you want to show the feeds.

2. Facebook Review Section on Facebook Page (Manual Method)

Every time you want a feed to display on your website, you need to go to the review section on your Facebook business page and click on the feed to get the code that you can paste on your website.

The process is cumbersome as every time you need to enter code for different reviews that you wish to embed on your website. 

What are the Benefits of Embedding Facebook Reviews on the Website?

  • Boost User Engagement: 

The more informative and authentic content you provide to your website visitors, the more they will stay at your website. Suppose if you don’t provide any review on your website then the user will not get convinced with your product or service and will look for brand credibility on the social platform. This will lead them to exit your website and research more about the product. 

To avoid such distraction and to increase dwell time, embedding Facebook reviews on your website will help you to boost engagement.

  • Build Trust & Authenticity

Users trust user-generated content because of its authenticity and unbiased nature. It shows that as a brand you are customer-centric and you don’t focus on pity marketing tactics. 

Reviews being the true voices of the real customers, display the quality of your product and adds to brand credibility. 

  • Display Reviews For Organic Visitors

If you embed reviews on your website, it doesn’t matter anymore whether your user is active on Facebook or not. Even if your users come organically to your website, they will be able to see your social presence and our customers’ reviews without getting distracted on another website.

  • Display Strong Customer Relationship

Having reviews on your website shows that you are open to conversations with your customers and respond to their queries. This shows that you are always trying to improve customer relationships and work on the feedback.

Thus, embedding reviews on the website makes your brand approachable and connectable to your customers. Moreover, it is social proof that you are an actual brand and not fake.


As we discussed two main methods by which embedding Facebook reviews are possible. According to it’s better to automate the process as it saves time and energy. Also, embedding tools offer extra features that help you in customizing the reviews according to the theme that suits your website better. 

As a brand, it’s important to build trust and display social proof to your website visitors. This will boost the engagement rate and leads to more conversions.

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