How Effective are Mouth Guards for Snoring?


Do you snore? Have you ever tried sleeping on the side to get over night-time breathing? Or, do you feel all the various other tricks for quieting disturbed breathing is not effective at all?

Well, you should then consider using a snoring mouthguard (or snorting mouthpiece) to make breathing easier. It is dental appliance developed to help the jaw pushed slightly forward during the sleep to keep the airways open. And when the airways are open, breathing is always comfortable.

Snoring can be dangerous, particularly when it looks like a symptom of sleep apnea caused by the blockage to the airways during sleep. Sleep apnea can increase blood pressure and may raise the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Snoring and snoring mouthguard

Snoring is definitely much more than the loud breathing we relate to it while sleeping. It’s a serious sleep disorder for which you need to consult sleep dentist immediately. Using snoring mouthguard is one of options for its treatment.

Let’s know more about snoring and snoring mouthguard –

  • Snoring happens when the tongue muscle pushes back and the throat tissue gets relaxed
  • Snoring is more common among men that women and it’s more likely to occur in older adults than in children or younger adults
  • Those who are overweight or whose neck circumference is large are at more risk of sleep apnea and snoring
  • Anyone can be a snorer, but a mouthguard is not right for everyone who snores
  • Doctors may advise CPAP for sleep apnea, but many don’t find it the noise of the machine good nor like its mask
  • A snoring mouthguard is as effective as CPAP when it comes to helping control rise in sleep apnea-induced blood pressure
  • A snoring mouthguard is much quieter than CPAP therapy

How Snoring Mouthguards Works

It’s important to use a snoring mouthguard that is made specially for you. Don’t go and buy one straight from the store shelves as they might be ill-fitting and could cause more problems in the long run. You should consult the dentist and ask them to make an impression of your mouth and then send it to a sleep expert to get the device made according to your fit.

A tailored snoring mouthguard will easily fit your jaw and teeth structure. It will fit snugly with your lower and upper teeth and when it’s in place, it will help move the lower jaw forward. This is how the tongue comes forward and is prevented from blocking the airway. You will also need to do some adjustment of the device and your dentist can do that and tell how to use and clean it properly.

Sleep apnea mouth guards will be effective and the difference will be felt in your improved sleep. You will have more energy during the day, and this is when you will find the device a value addition in true sense. You can visit the sleep dentist again after a few months and get a follow-up sleep study done to know if the mouthguard is being good and effective.

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