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builders in Leeds

The beautiful West Yorkshire city of Leeds is the 3rd largest city in the UK with a population of over 700,000 people.

‘’Up North”, winter definitely comes. Every year.  The weather is not everybody’s “cup of tea”, but you’d be hard pressed to find something that you don’t like about the city.  Much like many Northern English cities, Leeds is full of character and beautiful architecture, with a mix of old Victorian buildings, modern high-rises and cultural spaces.

builders in Leeds

Builders in Leeds and architects are careful in their planning applications and also their building work to complement and enhance the architectural beauty of the city and keep the character of their city centre and residential areas while evolving with the modern times.

The Corn Exchange is one of the most iconic “old” buildings in Leeds, dating from 1864, and incredible piece of architecture, with a roof like no other combining timber and steel lattice crosshatch patterns, 26 meters from the ground floor and with beautiful lighting.

Now, check out Central Square, and 8 story building with incredibly modern glass structures and LED lighting. Central Square in a magnificent modern building that shows Leeds is moving with the times and in style.

Maybe a more divisive modern building would be Broadcasting Place. Two huge red blocks on top of each other, arranged in an asymmetrical way. Not everyone is a fan. Personally, I think it is stunning, and looks beautiful on a bright sunny day. Considering it is 70 meters high, you can’t really miss it.

As is common, anything new will always create some controversy.   The Eiffel Tower is Paris was an incredibly divisive construction. While everyone admired the technology, skills and engineering processes, many Parisians just found it ugly. Famously, the revered French writer Guy De Maupassant was eating his daily dinner at the Eiffel Tower as it was the only place in Paris where he could eat “without seeing it”.

Carpenters in Leeds are in demand.  The best builders in Leeds are also skilled joiners and carpenters. Working with wood is an essential part of developments in this city. Homes, buildings and client requirements and environmental awareness are changing.  Companies are not only using bricks and mortar for building.  A wide range of materials, both modern and traditional are often used and mixed together to integrate into the ever evolving style of Leeds.

If you ever travel to “The North”, make sure visit Leeds

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