High Performance Laboratory Fume Hood?

If you are someone who works in laboratories, then you must know how vulnerable you are to being exposed to harmful substances. These can be labs from any industry from food production units to research and development units of pharmaceutical companies. But the risk of working with so many chemicals is that harmful and toxic contaminants may affect you. This will be quite detrimental for all lab workers. It is for this reason that laboratory fume hoods are important. In this article you will learn more about high performance laboratory fume hood.

Essential nature of high performance fume hoods: Fume hoods are essential equipments to be used in laboratories for safety purposes. They assure the safety for the people who work there and ensure that they do not get exposed to hazardous or dangerous fumes. This will be primarily done by getting air that is inside the fume hoods away from people who work in the laboratory. Earlier the hoods used to be made from wood, but today they are designed using steel and are coated with polypropylene. These advancements have ensured that the fume hoods are much safer for operating.

Working Mode

When any type of testing and research work gets conducted in laboratories then there are plenty of hazardous chemicals released which contaminate the air.  The fume hoods help to remove this contamination and thus secure the workers who work in the lab. These hoods are basically used in industrial applications and other places that have a lot of toxic gases, dust and vapours released.

Types: Basically there are two types of lab fume hoods. These are the recirculating and ducted fume hoods. The main method by which these high performance hoods operate is quite similar. They will draw air from inside the laboratory into an inbuilt filter and then discharge the purified air into the lab again. Ducted fume hoods will draw air from into the ventilation system and then release it outside of the lab. There are special carbon filters inside the fume hoods which absorb the toxic contaminant and make the air pure and free from harmful substances.

These laboratory fume hoods are mandatory safety equipments which will help in the proper and safe functioning of the laboratory and its workers. It is important for workers to understand the toxic nature of certain chemicals and how some of them can explosive in nature. Thus, they must take all precautions when working in the labs.

High Performance fume hoods for laboratories will not consume much energy; they are quite efficient in conserving power. These fume hoods will also ensure that the air is completely purified. You will be able to get these fume hoods from manufacturers who are experience and reputed for making laboratory equipments. You should order in bulk always to help you in getting better discounts. Do go through the safety precautions in detail before operating these. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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