6 Dressing Tips for Girl Fashion in Rainy Days

Girl Fashion in Rainy Days

Though we all love rain, it is not often that we would like to get wet in the rain. At the same time you need not sacrifice your cute outfits on a rainy day, especially when there are great outfits to keep you look pretty while staying dry. Add some fun to your fashion and make the rainy day more colorful. Rainy season is the perfect time to dress up in bold colors like pink, yellow, etc. So don’t let the bad weather stop you from dressing well. Instead of dressing in really gloomy outfits, think smart and come out with exciting and fashionable ideas like Most Expensive Bras. Following are some fabulous ways for girls to stay prepared for that rainy day.

Spring Rain Hats

When it seems that rain will never stop, grab a good waterproof rain hat. It is a great accessory that keeps you dry against both warm and cold weather. Waterproof hats are great accessories to have in your closet. You can choose from variety of styles and colors. These waterproof rain hats are the pretty way to keep the rainy blues away.

Trench Coat

Nothing is good than the classic Trenchcoat. It looks perfect with anything. The trench coat is fabulous way to face rain without sacrificing your fashion sense. You can either choose to have a long or short trench coat. This will serve you for many rainy days to come.

Wear Boots

On rainy days, it’s wise to keep away from your favorite stilettos or heels. Instead, try boots or rubber slippers. Leather wear should be completely avoided during the rains as they may get spoiled easily.

Wear Bright Colors

Wearing bright colors during the rains makes you feel happy. So don’t hesitate to wear something colorful and fun on a rainy day. The bad weather tends to put you down whereas bright colors tend to heighten your dampened spirits. Hence, it is important to try this color therapy. Wear outfits in cute colors like sunny yellows, cobalt blues, bright pinks and others to add some fun on a gloomy day.

Carry a Pretty Umbrella

The moment you think of umbrellas, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a stylish one. Why not try a cute bubble umbrella. Not only are these lightweight and fabulous but also helps you in seeing where you’re heading with this stylish umbrella. Buy ones that are really bright, fold-able, cheap and of great material.


You can’t resist splish-splashing across your street when you get to wear most expensive fashion rain boots. You will never get bored of wearing one. Nowadays, boots are available in many cute designs to fit any sense of style. They literally come in different colors that drive you crazy. Be a trendsetter by picking a girls’ fashion pair.

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