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Hair Fall Solution

Hair fall is a serious problem and overcoming this issue is important before it is too late. Actually, when someone loses too many hairs, the chances of going bald or thin at some areas becomes higher. That is why experts suggest a hair loss treatment to save the hair. Besides, the latest treatments, there are simple home remedies that can also prove fruitful. This article discusses how to find the right solution to your hair fall problem.

If you are facing hair loss problem and want to fix it as soon as possible, this topic is for you.

Why You Should Fix Hair Fall?

There are two types of hair loss: normal hair loss and abnormal hair loss. The normal hair loss is normal and there is nothing to worry if you lose less than 100 hairs a day. If you lose 100 or more than 100 hairs a day, you might have abnormal hair loss going on.

It is a serious issue because it can cause hair thinning or baldness. That is why experts suggest a hair loss treatment to save the hair. Besides, the latest treatments, there are simple home remedies that can also prove fruitful. Let’s discuss some common remedies:

How to Fix Hair Fall Problem?

The hair experts suggest a variety of methods to fix hair loss. Here are the top 18 tips to stop hair loss:

Dietary Measures

1. Mediterranean diet

The diet that includes vegetables and herbs is helpful not only for our hair but also for the rest of the body.

2. Protein

Proteins are important for the body and hair. A deficiency or overdose of proteins is not good for our hair.

3. Vitamin A

Keep taking the foods that are rich in Vitamin A because it is good for your hair.


4. Supplements

Supplements such as Multivitamin, Vitamin D, Biotin, Saw palmetto, and Ginseng can also help in this regard.

Taking Care of Hair

5. Regular washing

Some people think washing hair leads to hair loss but it is not true except for a few cases.

6. Coconut oil

The use of coconut oil can also reduce hair loss and even promote hair growth.

7. Olive oil

The use of olive oil for weak hair is helpful in protecting it from dryness and associated breakage.

8. Gentle styling

Some hairstyling habits are not good for the hair.

9. Hair processing

Avoiding harmful hair care products is another way to stop hair loss.

Medical Treatments

10. Laser therapy

Also known as low-level laser therapy, laser therapy is good for people with genetic hair loss and loss due to chemotherapy.

11. Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a new method for hair loss reduction and hair growth promotion.

Suitable Medications

12. Minoxidil

Also known as Rogaine, it is one of the most famous hair loss medications. It can easily be found in stores.

13. Finasteride

It is also known as Propecia and it can reduce hair loss. Some people may experience hair growth using it.

14. Phenylephrine

This topical medication can also help fight hair loss.

Some Other Methods

15. Essential oils

Some notable essential oils may help reduce hair loss.

16. Onion juice

People often apply raw onion juice to the scalp and hair to stop hair fall.

17. Massage

Performing the scalp message has been found helpful in promoting blood supply to the scalp.

18. Physical exercise

Some physical exercises can be helpful in promoting blood supply to the scalp.

The Final Verdict

You have read how hair fall can be fixed using a hair loss treatment. You should consider taking one of the options if you want to stop losing hair and start growing more hair.

You may have questions about this topic and a hair restoration surgeon is the right person to ask your questions. So contact a professional in your area with a list of questions and learn more.

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