Dubai – A Perfect Tourist Destination for Luxury Tourist

Burj Khalifa - Dubai

Dubai is a very famous city and claimed to be the 4 on the list of the most visited city in the world. In 2017, Dubai came on the 3rd position as the most famous tourist endpoint in the world. In 2015, reports showed that almost 14.2 million people came to Dubai as a tourist and the increase is 10% as compared to 2014.almost 1.6 million visitors came from India to Dubai. It is stated that 20 million visitors will enter Dubai by 2020. It highlights that tourist growth is going up every year by 7 to 8 % every year.

The above figures are quite amazing for the city whose temperature goes to 50 degrees in summers and is all surrounded by sand, nothing else. We have to evaluate why Dubai is the perfect destination for tourist and why people from around the world have a dream to travel to Dubai once in their lives.

Top 10 Reasons Why Dubai Is Very Famous

01. Business Center

The development of tourism, logistics and trade, business and financial services in the past few years have played a great role in making Dubai a business center. In order to boost the business, there are many free zones in the city. These free zones are really important in creating a business in Dubai and this to diversify the Dubai economy. Businessmen from all over the world wish to travel to Dubai because they know its perfect destination for doing business and enjoying life at the same time.

02. Best Tourist Destination Of The World

The attractions in the Dubai has made it the best tourist destination such as Burj al Arab-the only seven star hotel in world, Burj Khalifa-the tallest building of the world, the world biggest and high-class malls like mall of Emirates, Dubai mall, the palm- man-made island, miracle garden-not less than a heaven, world biggest aquarium and many more.  The attractions do not end here, the biggest frame, Bollywood theme park, Ferris wheel, Dubai canal are also some of the major attractions for the tourists.  There are many other projects which are under development phase.

03. The Fast-Growing City Of The World

The Washington brooking institute report ranked Dubai as the fast-growing city of the world because of its fast-growing economy.  There is no other metropolitan city in the world which has to grow fast like Dubai economy. Dubai is claimed to be the hub for tourism, professional services, transportation, and business. The economic growth is the main factor that attracting the business people from around the globe to come and invest in Dubai.

04. Lavish Lifestyle And High Salary Jobs

Dubai is known for providing an amazing lifestyle with highly paid jobs. This is the only reason that expats from around the world have come and settled in Dubai. Once in Dubai, it’s really hard to leave and go somewhere. Being the business center, the economic activities are always growing and moving fast. Dubai offers the best jobs with high pay to any nationality of the world.

05. Not Less Than A Fantasy

Dubai is not less than fantasy if we see the amazing projects, glamour, and luxury that this city offers to the world. Dubai is the one which has converted fantasy into the reality. The lifestyle and life quality in Dubai are the best in the world. You can get spoiled you are in Dubai. The projects and the developers have made Dubai one of the best tourist destinations. Everyone should come and see Dubai once in their lives, you will be just amazed.

06. Best Night Life

Dubai nightlife has no comparison with the rest of the world. There are the best pubs and bars in the whole region. You will not be bored in this amazing world with amazing lifestyle and high salaried jobs. Pubs, restaurants and night bars are always busy day and night. It is better to book a table in advance to avoid disappointment. Weekends nights such as Saturday and Friday are very busy. Dubai is the place where you will meet locals, expats and tourists and thus you can experience different cultures of the world. Nights clubs with amazing experiences makes it a perfect spot for tourists.

07. Beautiful Dubai Beaches

Dubai is known for long, beautiful and stretched beaches. By doing projects like the world, the palm it has expanded its coastline. No doubt Dubai is a very hot city but the presence of beaches has made it popular and convenient. The beaches are always full throughout the year. Get sunblock, shades, and flipflops and have the best of the time at Dubai beach clubs. The beaches have a pool bar and one can enjoy for sunbath, eating out or simply enjoying the water sports.  Thus the beaches of Dubai are the ultimate attractions for the tourists.

08. Air Hub

In 2014, almost 70 million people visited Dubai international airport and made it one of the busiest in the world. Also, the national airline of Dubai-the emirates is the best airline of the year 2013. Dubai is the hub for air traffic as it connects yo major countries and cities of the world. No doubt tourists have made the Dubai airport busiest and one of the best tourist spot in the world.

09. Gold Market And The Best Place For Shopping

Dubai is the best place in the world for the amazing shopping experience. Dubai has a total 96 malls and the biggest mall in the world Dubai mall is best in its kind. There is no best place like Dubai in the world for shopping.  All the tourists who come to Dubai must visit Dubai mall in order to see its beauty, skating, skiing, movies, swimming, aquarium and to shop ultimately.

There are many old markets in Dubai and they have retained their old culture and heritage. Gold souk is very famous for gold shopping. Most people come to Dubai to shop gold. The designs and the quality of gold in Dubai are superb. There are more than 300 retail shops in gold souk. You will not witness this much of variety elsewhere in the world. Gold Souk is located in the heart of Dubai city-diera and offers you the best quality gold.

10. Bollywood Glam Dubai is no doubt a second home for world famous stars. Bollywood stars like Shilpa Shetty, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Bachan family, and many others have their own houses in Dubai. They come to Dubai for festival shows, concerts, shopping and for doing other activities. They also come, live in their own houses and enjoy Dubai high life. Dubai is the hub for Bollywood stars as 50% of the population is Indian and more than 2 million Indians visit Dubai annually.  There is also another attraction in Dubai for tourists- Bollywood theme park.

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