7 Smart Technology for Your Plumbing Needs

Smart Technology for Your Plumbing Needs

Technology has changed the face of mankind. With technology, human beings have ventured into areas where they didn’t know it was even possible. And this same technology has evolved our homes including the kitchens and living spaces and has now even uplifted our plumbing needs!

Smart technology in your bathrooms and toilets, helps you to not only have that ‘feel-good’ factor of convenience and comfort but also includes the safety and savings factor. It is not only the state-of-art technology we are talking about but also efficiency and conservation that gets the front seat when we talk about smart technology for your plumbing needs.

Yes, the promise of technology has brightened the prospects of every home and that is why we bring you some amazing smart technology items that will transform your plumbing with innovation and inspiration:

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are a step ahead of the regular toilets that you use. With smart technology, smart toilet is able to clean and sanitize itself. It can also glow in the darkness, or play music has a seat warmer and so forth. Some automated toilets even open up when you enter the washroom and flush on their own after your use. That means you don’t even have to lift a finger to use the toilet. Smart toilets function on remote controls that can operate as per your needs. If you need to open or close the toilet seat, increase or decrease the temperature of water or pressure of water, or switch on or off the LED of the toilet etc., all you need to do is to use the remote buttons and you are all set! You can use the remote control to play music which is often in-built in your smart toilet.

A smart toilet will also be equipped with in-built LED lights which get automatically switched on once you enter the bathroom. You can also further use the remote control to dim or brighten the lights.

Another feature that a smart toilet has is the automatic opening and closing of the toilet seat and automatic flushing option. For both these options, you can further operate using the remote control to enhance your experience. Who doesn’t like to have a warm seat, especially in the winters and cold seasons?! Well, a smart toilet will do that for you and you can control the temperature using a remote control. Not only that, but you can also adjust the temperature and pressure of the flush simply by using the remote control. Another added feature in a smart toilet is the addition of a warm air dryer. After cleaning the toilet bowl, the warm air dryer will blowdry the bowl and keep it dry for the next use.

A good thing about the smart toilet is that it can self-clean itself. We saw the auto-flushing option above but apart from that the smart toilet can cleanse itself using the ultraviolet rays every 24 hours and keep it spick and span. An advantage of smart toilets is that they efficiently conserve water. They need less water as compared to other standard toilets.

Smart Faucets

Smart faucets is another feature that gives you an altogether new experience. It comes with temperature control as well as efficiency sensor that regulate the use of the water in your bathrooms or even in your kitchen sinks.

Smart faucets come in three varieties: hands-free, digital, and combo. Not only this is a visually appealing smart gadget in the house but also efficient in water and money saving.

Smart Showers and Tubs

Smart showers enhance your bathing experience wherein you can not only adjust the water temperature and control the showerheads, but also adjust music or lighting as per your need. They come with the additional feature of steam function wherein you can turn on steam if needed and also set the duration of a shower using voice commands.

Similarly, a smart bathtub will come with soothing massaging jets and bubbles enhancing techniques for that special experience. They are also equipped with illuminated LEDs and mood- enhancing lights.

Smarter Water Management

Smart pipes monitor and detect any leaks in your house. You can even use these smart pipes in your garden for watering your plants. The smart pipes will ensure safe draining of the used water right into your lawn or garage as directed. This helps in water management and water saving efficiency.

Smart Mirror

A smart mirror can transform your mirror experience into an all-techno digital hub. It’ll tell you the time, date, weather outside, upcoming calendar appointments and more, and keep you updated as you get ready for the day.
You can enjoy content displayed on the bathroom mirror itself and operate it with a hands-free control using voice feature. This will help you to multi-task while being updated on other things.

Water-proof TVs

Now you can enjoy your private space even more with in-built water-proof television sets. Soak in your bathtubs or shower while enjoying your TV screens right inside your smart bathrooms. These TV sets can also be installed in your kitchen as they come in non-compromising pattern and size. Since they come as in-built into your set-up these TV sets are non-bulky and remove the cord clutter giving your spaces a clean look.

Tankless Water Heaters

As the name suggests these water heater systems operate without a tank. This means that the incoming water gets heated instantly on demand. According to energy.gov, these heater systems help users save annual water expenses.


A tool backpack is always a great idea to keep handy whenever you need to apply DIYs plumbing solutions.


So, think not! Make use of these smart technologies and transform your plumbing needs to the next level!

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