2019 Social Media Trends

Social Media

Social media is the place where every business can flourish in all the best ways. If you have social media accounts for your business you must know that in the upcoming year of 2019 the trends are going to change completely and it’s crucial for you to adopt the same as soon as possible.

There are so many things that have been attaching with social media and these things are very capable of providing the best user experience and they help in increasing the traffic flow in a business website as well. Here we have listed the best trends that will come very handy for your business in 2019.

  1. Video

The importance of video has been increased in some years and in the upcoming year it will show up in a huge way. People love to watch some meaningful and interesting videos whenever they look into a site, so keeping that very thing in mind you have to enable some videos in your business sites.

  • Augmented Reality

AR is becoming more popular and people love to experience this thing more. AR features are now in smartphones and people love the experience of it. Snapchat was the beginning of it and now it has become a trend and in 2019 it will be inseparable.

  • Chatbots

You might have experienced that social media has this chatbots facility and its users love this aspect. This is the place where you can talk to people directly and these are proving very useful every day. If this thing is used in the business website then traffic will increase as a person is getting all the answers from the live customer service representative. Chatbots are available in every SMO Services, and people are able to get in touch with other people and businesses through this.

  • Ephemeral Contents

You must have seen the Instagram stories, Facebook stories are a very popular thing now, and through these businesses can promote themselves. Marketing will get easier with these and as people notice these things you should be confirmed that you will get traffic.

  • Influencer Marketing Process

People like to get influenced by their favorite celebrities and when they see the ads by their desired people on the social media they get influenced to at least check the products. Although, this is micro influencers it’s always effective at the same time.

  • Business with WhatsApp

As you know that WhatsApp is always with everyone and people love to chat with this app, thus, this very thing is highly capable of carrying out business. There are so many companies out there who give ads for WhatsApp business and people love to do some shopping in this way as well. If you have a WhatsApp you can find out so many dealers selling their products through it, and they are even doing live streaming to attract the customers.

Check out these above-mentioned tips to get affordable SMO packages along with the new trends of 2019, and you will not be left behind while facing the competition.

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