10 Stylish Ways to Revamp your Home with Mirrors

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Designing a home is no cakewalk. You got to experiment a lot with style and keep yourself updated with latest home rends. A very common problem faced by people these days is that spaces are compact and furniture eats up the space so there is little scope for natural light. One of the easy hacks is to place mirrors in the home so it refracts light and make the room look bigger. Mirrors are not just functional piece of accessories but add class and glam to the home, too.

Enlisting 10 ways mirrors can enhance the look of the house

1. Have a mirror in kitchen area for natural light effect

Mirrors when placed directly opposite to the area of light refract light and room brightens up. A mirror just above the fire place or behind the stove is highly recommended for the same reason. It serves a s a small hangout zone in the home as it is more enjoyable to stand and talk. An embellished contemporary wall mirror will do wonders here.

2. Groupings mall mirrors gives segmented look

First of all, get an idea were to buy the mirrors from. Buying mirror cam is tricky as large sized mirrors are pricey and small mirrors would be needed in multiple numbers. Check out the price of mirrors and see how many mirrors you would need for a wall. You can put up small frames on wall and this way wall will look more organized. You can experiment with the idea by painting mirror frames and adding the zing to boring mirrors. You can buy decorative wall mirrors from online stores that fit in your budget.

3. Cabinet fronts

Cabinets or crockery units enhance the look of the living room or kitchen area. They give a larger-than-life look to the house and helps store the necessary stuff. Cabinets with mirror door looks tasteful and artifacts placed inside are noticeable. It leaves an indelible impression on the guests so choose the right mirror.

4. Best for compact homes

Compact homes are fraught with storage and light problems more often than not. Having a square mirror affixed on wall gives a feeling of a window there. It enlarges the room and doesn’t look cloudy. Where to place mirror in small home could be challenging. You can place sliding mirror, if you want easy reach to your things and look in the mirror. You can create a wall with mirror in front and storage space inside.

5. Place a mirror in dining area

You must be thinking why in the dining area? Dining area is one place where family sits together amid food and laughter. Placing a long mirror next to dining area and using lamp in lighter tones helps light to refract and gives softer effects. You can enjoy your candle light dinner frequently with this quick hack. This is the best way to style up your dining space.

6. Dual purpose in dressing area

In a dressing area a floor length mirrors are a great choice, they serve as a great fashion piece and also bounces back the light thrown in. You can choose wall mirrors or floor length ones with polished frames for classy look. It will solve both purposes and save dressing table space.

7. Use mirrored furniture/accents

You do not need to shell out exorbitant amount of money to flaunt an expensive interior. Impressing the guests is pretty easy with some mirror hacks. Mirrored furniture used to be a popular thing in the past and is being revived off late. For example, a mirrored coffee table serves as a center point of the living room.

8. Do up the hallways with classy mirrors

If you are planning to do up the hallway and entrance area, mirrors can be aesthetically placed to infuse charm and also it is said to have positive effect as per Feng Shui. Anyone entering your home is greeted with positivity and refraction of natural light that adds up to the appeal of the house.

9. Garden area- the ‘GREEN’ area

Do you have some spare mirrors that are not coming handy? Just get them out of the storage box and position them beautifully in the garden area. It would look absolutely magical and dreamy and give layered effects’ to the plantation.

10. Revamp your patio with chic mirrors

Wall mirrors can be used in patio and converted into a small den kind of thing. Or you can use mirrored stools in patio and it will serve as a perfect tea setting with friends. The key is to experiment and play around with mirrors. They can blend well anywhere if done tastefully.

Mirrors can actually enhance the style quotient of your ordinary looking home. You just have to learn the art of fusion and make use of inexpensive stuff. Mirrors placed at right places could make small homes super stylish.

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