10 Reasons Why People Buy Jewelry from Specific Designers

Jewelry Manufacturing

The question – why do people buy designer jewelry if all jewelry is basically the same, maybe a slightly different design but containing similar metals and similar diamonds? Many of us can immediately identify with this concept because we all identify with choosing one brand over another due to a specific preference.

Often when two products are entirely interchangeable, the factor that pushes a consumer to one brand over another is the brand name of their purchase. This method of choice especially applies to the jewelry industry.

There are a few reasons why people buy the jewelry from specific designers.

Pride of ownership

Anyone who owns something special is very familiar with the extra treatment and importance that they endow to that object. While special or expensive things may not entirely comprise someone’s wardrobe or possessions, they probably own at least one thing that they treasure for one reason or another. For many people, that reason is that the item is something that they paid dearly for and how precisely the jewelry is manufactured.

Aids decision making

When someone shops for something with which they may be unfamiliar, especially when it is for a gift for someone else, knowing which brand to buy simplifies matters immensely. Branding helps take the thinking out of the decision. Automatically, people think that something with a well-advertised brand name must be good!

The feeling of belonging to a group

Humans by nature are social animals and need a community in which to take part, although it doesn’t matter how
that community is divided or who comprises it. Communities or groups can be divided among many factors, and not necessarily by the basic demographic distinctions that have been in place for so long. This is a reality because of modernization and globalization but helps people feel a part of something greater than just themselves.

Impact of process advertising

People want to see how the piece of jewelry in their hand is being made by the jewelry manufacturer. Brands do it with advertising their highly skilled workers using latest jewelry tools to produce finest jewelry. This leaves the customer with an impact of how well the product is made.


Another key component is quality and hand-fabricated was frequently mentioned. People want jewelry they can feel confident with investing in and knowing it will last more than a lifetime.

Resale value

Without going into specific psychological details concerning why people choose any one brand over another, the fact remains that branding is strong and adds value. Many people buy jewelry keeping in mind that it will be worth a certain amount of money no matter what, and that jewelry of a certain brand, even though it costs more, will also sell for more if they choose to resell it regardless of the fact that the characteristics of the piece of jewelry are no more unique than if the piece came from a no name brand.


Buying from independent designers can give you great quality jewelry. Most, if not all, jewelry designers take their craft very seriously and wouldn’t sell out subpar pieces that didn’t pass their standards. And with a more open communication line to the seller, you can inquire about the types of materials used in the pieces that you are purchasing.

Exceptional materials

Just why would someone spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on high-end jewelry when they can buy a counterfeit version of it at a fraction of the price? One major factor that drives the price of designer jewelry is the exceptional materials used in their jewelry manufacturing. While this reason drives up the price of designer jewelry, you can rest assured that your jewellery will outlive any cheap counterfeit and always look beautiful.


Whether you are into bold statement pieces or delicate strings of pearls, jewelry is the perfect way to express yourself. Best of all, the more jewelry you own, the more adaptable they become.

Creative designer

It means that the parts of a piece of jewelry, when you see them, you know exactly which designer created it. Who makes your bails a certain shape or size, who finishes all pieces with a signature texture.

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